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"How do I Improve my Energy Rating?"

Here's a list of useful tips to help you out...

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A little bit about the rating:
Most homes fall within the D/E bands, indicating that some serious improvements can be made… and of course greater opportunity to set your property out from the rest of the market…



  Five tips to achieve a higher rating:
Improvements can range from simple & cheap to more complicated or expensive measures, all with differing impacts on the rating. However here are 5 “gold nuggets” that are easy, reasonably priced and will make sizable differences to your Energy Rating:


  Loft InsulationCosts up to £150 (Grants are even available)
Like your head on a cold day your roof allows much of your heat to escape into the atmosphere, so wearing a hat (or installing 250mm of loft insulation in this case) can help achieve a staggering 10% increase in Energy Rating.
  Cavity Wall Insulation - Costs up to £250 (again grants are available)
A significant number of properties built before the 1980s do not have cavity insulation, yet this can achieve a whopping 8% increase in Energy Rating.
  Jacket for Hot Water Tank – Costs from £10
Amazingly there are still many un-insulated or badly insulated tanks out there wasting stacks of heat energy. Add a jacket or increase the thickness of your current jacket. Improvement - up to 6%
  Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs)Costs up to £15 per radiator
Adding TRVs to your radiators will make your heating system far more efficient. Improvement - up to 4%
  Low Energy BulbsCosts up to £30
Changing your ordinary bulbs to longer-lasting low energy equivalents can save you money & bulb-changes. Improvement - up to 2%.
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