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Have you been caught out by New Legislation?
All new dwellings require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC.

Building Control cannot sign-off a building without first seeing a valid EPC.

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SAP Rating - EPC


How it works
The system for new-builds works differently to existing dwellings in that EPCs will be produced by an Accredited SAP Assessor at the end of the Part L compliance procedure. Building Control will not sign-off a development until an EPC has been issued.


How we can help
We provide SAP Ratings and guidance to help ensure your projects comply with Part L, as well as produce your Part L Compliance Report and PEA (Predicted Energy Assessment) if required.

Once built we then update any specification changes and provide you with the EPC, for submission to Building Control.

Drawings & Spec submitted for calculation of SAP Calc Design Stage
We'll process your drawings & specification and help with Part L compliance. We will guide you to ensure your project passes.
  Using SAP a Compliance Report is produced for submission to Building Control   Design Stage 2
We'll process the data and produce a SAP Calculation, Part L Compliance Report & PEA (if required) for submission to Building Control.
  EPC produced from As Built spec  

EPC Stage
Once complete, any as-built specification changes are input. An EPC is then issued for sign-off by Building Control..


Air Pressure Tests
(Air Permeability Test/ Air Tightness Test)
Call for pricing at very competitive rates

Many new dwellings require an Air Test to satisfy Building Control before sign-off.

Our testers will visit your site to assess your requirements and will ensure your project passes. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional service - PLUS, we offer free retests if carried out on the same day (many other firms charge extra).

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New Build Homes will require an EPC from 6 April 2008


Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH)


New Extension or conservatory needs SAP calcs?

Over-glazed/ greater than 25% rule on glazing?

We'll advise you & produce SAP calcs to ensure your new extension complies with the regs.

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